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                      Top 4 Wireless Router of 2017 

Nowadays it's a common to use the router for each family, but while choosing best router for your home is difficult. so have a look at the best router at the low price for your home: 

1. starry station 

The most important thing while purchasing any router is speed, the speed must be good and also it covers large area also. Speed: 802.11ac, 1300 Mbps,  Connectivity: 2 X Gigabit LAN ports, features: a) having dual-band Wi-fi technology, b) having touch screen also 

a) Having a simple interface 

b) Having the touchscreen in control 

c) It need to re-wire the source 

d) Sometimes elegant also 

Starry Station makes Wi-fi easier without handing money month after month to go ready conglomerate. its download speed is almost same as version FiOS stock router.  the starry station is enough to obstruct its signal. This router is good for those who have a small house. 

2. Synology RT2600ac 

Its speed is about 800Mbps, 802.11ac, it's connectivity is 4 X gigabit WAN, it features is 512 MB RAM, 1.7GHZ dual-core, MU-MIMO with 4GB flash storage 

a) Web interface is used 

b) It is the little bit costly 

c) Having awesome hardware extras 

For you it's not possible to encounter router every day and double as a NAS, or network- it is a type of box that allows attaching local internet connection. The Synology RT2600ac combines both worlds, that deliver appliances such as VPNs and DLNA media servers for more visit Linksys Customer Support

3. Linksys WRT 3200 ACM 

Its speed is 802.11ac, 600Mbps, connectivity: 4 x gigabit ethernet, features: Tri-stream 160, 256MB flash memory. 

a) Having the awesome feature 

b) Having open source support 

c) It cover something spotty 

d) Good for office use 

The antithesis to Linksys WRT 3200 ACM does not boast flash design. it pulls wireless router that is aimed at PC enthusiasts. It gives strong control over wireless network connections, the WRT 3200 ACM is covered. 

4. Zyxel Armor Z2 AC2600 

Its speed is about 800Mbps, connectivity: 4 x gigabit, 1 X USB 2.0, features: MU-MIMO support, dual-core, 512GB RAM 

a) Having excellent wireless speed 

b) One of the best traffic analysis software 

c) But it port speed is average 

It is basically known for the NAS devices, it's a wonder Zyxel comes with dual-band gaming router. its price is less as compared to Linksys WRT 3200 ACM. 

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